June 30th - West Barrhaven Community Association

Southbound Boots (June 30th @ 5:30pm)

After touring the globe to such destinations a Singapore, China, Europe, United States and Canada, along with numerous radio and television appearances these international touring musicians are now united as one powerhouse party band.

Southbound Boots delivers an up tempo, widely appealing repertoire of music, covering well know artists such as Bruno Mars, Bon Jovi, Maroon Five, Keith Urban and Bruce Springsteen to name a few.

Delivering killer performances in venues ranging from bars and clubs to fairs, festivals and weddings, this highly professional band is sure to please any audience.

Lemon Cash (June 30th @ 7:15pm)

Ottawa may be the second-coldest capital city in the world, but the music scene is hot and the hottest band in town is home-grown Lemon Cash. The five indie rock fusion musicians have been drawing enthusiastic crowds at local venues. Their first EP has just been released (grabbing featured radio airplay), and Lemon Cash has just snagged a coveted appearance on CTV’s Canadian Talent Showcase.

The unique Lemon Cash sound is a result of the different musical backgrounds and personal tastes of the musicians. Every member of Lemon Cash is also a vocalist; the result is a large lush sound, at once intense, complex, and compelling.

The Lionyls (June 30th @ 8:30pm)

The Lionyls are a 4-piece Rock & Soul outfit based in Ottawa, Canada. With every note, they pay homage to the rhythm & blues, funk, soul, and rock & roll traditions. Thus standing on the shoulders of past musical masters, they have crafted an organic sound that is both timeless and current, raw and refined. Their music truly comes to life in live performance, where their skillful musicianship, charismatic presence, and raw energy invite the audience to join them deep in the groove.

July 1st - Barrhaven Business Improvement Area

Arms of the Girl (July 1st @ 4:30pm)

Arms of the Girl is a female-fronted Ottawa band that plays bluesy, twangy rock. Known for their high-energy live show, Arms has been compared to Alanis Morissette, Sheryl Crow, and Serena Ryder.

With introspective, playful lyrics, powerful guitar riffs and solos, and a fun, engaging band chemistry, Arms delivers solid, memorable performances. Notable shows include Mountain Man Music Festival and Ottawa Bluesfest.

Rebecca Noelle (July 1st @ 6:15pm)

Blessed with a searing three octave vocal range, Rebecca Noelle has had the privilege and versatility to try her hand at just about every musical style she wanted to over the years. But it’s her natural affinity for Soul, that has set this stunning singer apart. With a sultry voice that is simply unforgettable, Noelle brings to mind some of the artists of whom she has been influenced by over the years – Etta James, Jamiroquai and k.d. Lang. Noelle also has a natural charisma and confidence as she struts around onstage that bring to mind performers like Tina Turner and Prince.

Alter Ego (July 1st @ 8:00pm)

Alter Ego is a musical revue showcasing a whirlwind medley of the greatest pop, rock and disco hits from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Filled with energy, music, dancing and an impressive amount of costume changes, this highly colourful and exhilarating production will have you cheering on for more and more.

Let yourself be swayed by the breathtaking musical portrayals offered to you by the Alter Ego show.